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The Story Shop is a full service creative firm that builds creative storytelling content - web, design and film - for a variety of clients.
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We build storytelling campaigns and creative content.

The Story Shop is a full service creative firm. Using a unique storytelling approach, we build creative content – web, design & film – for a variety of clients. Prevailing over the gimmicks of some traditional marketing, this content combines the personality of our clients (brand) with their story, creating a lasting, meaningful relationship and conversation with their audience. That’s the power of good storytelling.

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As content producers, we don’t view websites as just a place where people can get some information and find your phone number. Your web presence is your organization’s content hub – your channel – where your audience can interact, learn, be entertained and, ultimately, fall in love with you.

Potential Deliverables: Web design, blogs, content mapping, strategy, copywriting & more.



As storytellers, we believe that design is just as critical as other elements in your marketing and communication. Whether its your visual identity (logo) or content (infographics, photography, ads, etc.), your design has to do more than just look good. It has to tell a compelling story.

Potential Deliverables: Logo, infographics, ads, identity packages & more.



No medium comes close to the power of film. Films, both short and long, capture the imaginations of movie goers and mobile audiences alike. As storytellers, film is the best “story content” we provide to our clients. It transforms, entertains, informs and converts an audience into dedicated followers. That’s power.

Potential Deliverables: Commercials, custom music, short films, customer testimonials, product video, promotional & more.



When you combine great content with strategic delivery, you get storytelling campaigns that engage audiences in more meaningful ways than traditional marketing and advertising. Our storytelling approach to campaign development recognizes your brand as your organization’s personality and your story as proof of you living out your brand in the world.

Potential Deliverables: Creative development, social media management, campaign messaging strategy & more.


I asked the agency to work up a marketing strategy for us when I was doing some long-term planning. What they delivered far surpassed anything we had envisioned. Their quality, creativity and natural ability to communicate resulted in an outstanding product.
- Rob Sparks, Executive Director | Madison County CED



To craft creative and compelling story content that positively impact our clients and those they serve.


For each community, organization and cause we serve to be transformed by the power of Story.


Creativity - Authenticity - Trust - Craft - Community - Relationship - Character


The Story Shop was founded by two lifelong storytellers, Luke Renner and David Neidert. With their combined 25 years of experience in the creative and communication industry, they set out to create a “shop” of craftspeople dedicated to telling great stories. Not just a company but a community, The Story Shop is now known for a commitment to the highest quality content and the transformative power of storytelling.

In 2013, they launched the one-of-a-kind “We Are Madison County” campaign, which serves as a community and economic development tool for Madison County, Indiana. This unique initiative has gained buzz, both locally and regionally.

The following year they were recognized as the Emerging Business of the Year by the Madison County Chamber, in part, for this important work.

Along with a variety of other work and campaigns, including the innovative “What’s Your Side Effect?” campaign (see ‘Case Studies’ above), they recently began production on a feature-length documentary on psychological trauma and PTSD. The film has already garnered the support of some of the top experts in the field, among other nationally and internationally known personalities.

Today, The Story Shop is growing in its commitment and ability to bring their clients the very best in creative storytelling content.

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