“Our work is not the result of the tools we use or technology at our disposal. It is the result of who we are and how we work together.”



Nestled among the quaint, little shops of historic Pendleton, Indiana, The Story Shop has been extending our unique brand of storytelling to clients around the world since 2012. What started as a simple blend of quality craftsmanship and a bootstrapping work ethic has steadily grown into a storytelling system that effectively connects with audiences and keeps our clients coming back for more.

What’s our secret? It’s actually quite simple; we really care.

But all of the magic doesn’t happen on our end. Since our founding, The Story Shop has been passionately seeking and serving clients who are making a positive difference in the world. Whether through excellence in craftsmanship, a strong commitment to community-building or a shared belief that, even at our best, we can always be better, we deeply value the purpose-driven brands, causes and communities that we serve. Even better, we’re proud to call the people behind those brands, causes and communities our friends.


Some of us chase adventure and others love a quiet evening at home. For some it’s classical music that strikes a chord and others, hip hop. We are both cat and dog lovers. We’re mostly coffee drinkers. We all love a good film (and book), although we often have very different tastes. We’re most definitely artists but not hung up on the title. We’re advocates and want to see the world be a better place. We’re survivors and thrivers. We find joy and purpose in our work. We’re friends and colleagues. We embrace and celebrate our differences and take comfort in our similarities. We’re filmmakers because that is our work. We’re storytellers, not because it’s a buzz word, but because we were born to it. We are The Story Shop.

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    LUKE RENNER | Founding Partner

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    PHIL LARSON | Composer

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    DAVID NEIDERT | Founding Partner

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    JARED ZOOK | Content Producer

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    SARAH KING | Creative Op. Director


There are 4 critical elements that define The Story Shop. We judge ourselves against them. We hold ourselves accountable to them. They are both motivation and evidence of success. They are what we value and strive to embody. We live by them every moment of everyday, throughout every project.


We believe that great storytelling is at the center of any honest, significant change – for our clients, for our communities and for the world around us. As the oldest technology known to man, storytelling is how we communicate truth to one another and it is in story that we find healing, growth, connection, understanding and promise. We believe that the most powerful weapon against hate, judgement, prejudice and violence is for good people to be great storytellers.



As filmmakers and storytellers we are committed to being the best at what we do. We are constantly pushing ourselves to master every element of our work. In this pursuit we pledge ourselves to hard work, integrity, honesty and authenticity. We will not sacrifice our commitment to craft and artistry. We do not cut corners. What we make, we take pride in.


We care – for our clients, for the audience, for the message. Our passion for what we do drives us to dig deeper, find answers and deliver results. We strive to bring passion to even the smallest tasks, because a disinterested storyteller is worse than a bad one. Passion in our work is a way of honoring the story and the audience. It’s something we work hard to never compromise.



Our culture as a company is the fuel for everything we do. We are a group of people committed to one another. We value each team member as a whole person. We stand by one another. We support one another. We’re united. We wholeheartedly embrace that which makes us different and celebrate our common humanity. It’s a culture of respect, love, creativity, honesty and integrity.



It’s been our distinct pleasure to serve a variety of clients, including small non-profits, large universities, state and federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies. The Story Shop was founded on nearly 30 years of combined experience in storytelling for both the marketing and entertainment industries.


Storytelling is complex, always requiring a nuanced understanding of both the message and audience. Our unique culture, perspective, experience and process yields work that is notably thoughtful, refined and purposeful. It’s a difference that our clients note and find difficult to replicate.


There is no substitute for having the right heart for a story. What often makes our work stand apart is our ability to see that critical element that takes a story from good to great. For some, that human connection is a real chore. At The Story Shop, with small-town soil on our boots, we come by it honest.