Managing your business’s social media accounts (or your own) can be extremely complicated. With different platforms to reach different audiences it can seem daunting. Here are some quick tips to help guide you in your journey to becoming a brilliant social media manager!




  1. Whether it be entertainment, education, community, e-commerce… whatever… give your audience what they need! Meeting needs is critical to becoming an essential part of your audience’s toolbox. This might require you to do some digging. Look for answers that don’t come naturally to you. Become the hunter and gatherer that they may not be. In the end, we all love someone who brings home the bacon, even if it is brain bacon!


  1. Your audience isn’t made up of robots either (and most of us aren’t lawyers). Try and connect with your audience using authentic and approachable language. This can be especially hard if you naturally tend to use “big” language. Making things relatable is just as important as having something to say. After all, a brilliant idea in a language that no one speaks might as well be a movie without Tom Hanks in it.


  1. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that more is more. Good quality content goes a long way and builds brand loyalty. If “posting better” means “posting less,” then so be it. The world is already brimming with crap. Don’t add to that noise. Add to the focus.


  1. Check what the experts are saying and also check what your specific analytics are telling you. Listen to the numbers. And when things shift in a direction you didn’t expect, talk honestly about that too. Remember, the process that goes into knowing is sometimes just as helpful as the knowing itself.


  1. Having an editorial calendar is essential to being successful when managing multiple platforms and campaigns. Stay ahead of the game. Be disciplined. Constant. Predictable. You may occasionally miss your mark… but with a good plan in place, you will certainly hit it more often than you miss.


I hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful on your social media management journey!




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